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Your Engine Store.-- Limited Warranty, terms and Conditions.

This Limited Warranty issued by Your Engine Store. (hereafter known as Y.E.S.) warranties that used engines are warranted to be free of any internal defects in material or workmanship. Y.E.S. does not assume or authorize any distributor, dealer , agent or employee to enlarge or extend this warranty, or to assume any other obligations on it's behalf. Repair or replacement of defective engine will be provided under normal use and proper maintenance requirements set forth by the manufacturer, subject to the following terms and conditions.


1. Definition: Used Engine: Sold as long block only, replacement unit; tested and steam cleaned. Engines with water pump, distributor,manifolds,carburetor,flywheel, brackets, oil pressure and water temperature sending units, turbos, and or any other add on accessories. These accessories are complimentary and are left on the engine for buyer's convenience only.  It is the buyer's responsibility to change over such accessories and emission control devices as necessary to comply with federal law administered by the EPA. Add on accessory parts are specifically excluded from any warranty offered herein. 

2. Warranty covers replacement or repair of the engine only and does not cover labor and or other incidental expenses required to repair the engine or remove it form the vehicle. Sold as long blocks only, the buyer agrees to transfer all other smog equipment including intake and exhaust manifolds, fuel injection systems, and electronic controls from the original engine to the replacement engine.  Warranty does not cover blown head gasket or overheating. No warranty on timing belt or timing components. if the crankshaft, main caps, bearing caps or head are removed without express written permission the warranty is void. 

3: Term

      1. USED ENGINE/MOTORS are warrantied for a period of 1 year unlimited miles unless otherwise stated on your invoice. 2. Non-Transferable warranty. Valid only to the original purchaser/owner, warranty terminates upon sale of vehicle or transfer of title. 

4. Repair/ Replacement/ Refund

Y.E.S. as its sole discretion has the option to repair the engine, replace it with similar product or refund. In case of mechanical defect, the buyer must notify Y.E.S. for instructions and authorization prior to making any repairs or replacements. Should any repair exceed 20% of the total value of the unit, the defective engine must be returned as sold completely assembled with all add on accessories attached. 

5. Standard: Y.E.S. shall at its option,repair, replace or refund the defective unit within the warranty term subject to limitations herein. 

6. LIMITATIONS: This warranty is void by: 

      1. Misuse, negligence, alterations, accidents or fire.

      2. Improper installation or repair

      3. Use of the engine in commercial vehicles or competitive events

      4. Burn up more than 1 main or rod bearing , knocking a hole through the block or bending the valves. 

      5. Lack of lubrication or overheating

      6. Any repair or replacement not authorized in writing by Y.E.S. 

      7. Sale, installation use or operation without original emission control equipment.

      8. Missing/ Removed or melted heat tabs

The following is at the expense/ obligation of the buyer 

    1. Service adjustment, ignition timing and tuneup ; brake and clutch adjustments

    2. Maintenance service, lubrication, and fluids

    3. Replacement of services items such as spark plugs , ignition points, gaskets and seals, timing belts and components, filters.

    4. Engine cooling system service and replacement of fan belts , hoses, coolant, and or parts or labor to increase cooling.

    5. Adjust valves if necessary.

    6. Modifying or rendering inoperative any emission control device or any act that contributes to the violation of EPA requirements voids                           this warranty. 

    7. Replace all exterior seals and gaskets prior to install. 

   LIMITED LIABILITY:  Y.E.S. liability under this warranty is solely limited to the repair, replacement or refund of defective used part. The labor required repairing the part or removing from a vehicle and other other expenses relating to the turn over and other incidental charges for defective unit are not reimbursable.  Y.E.S. shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental or special damages or any services not expressly provided herein relating to or arising from used engines sold by Y.E.S.   This warranty does not apply to rotary engines or high performance engines designed or used for competition purposes. 


USED TRANSMISSIONS are warrantied for a period of 6 months unlimited miles. Warranty covers replacement,repair or refund of the transmission component only and does not cover labor costs associated with those replacements or repair. If the transmission is dismantled this warranty is void. If repairs are done without express written permission from Y.E.S. this warranty is void. 

1. Should be installed, maintained or adjusted by a qualified technician. 

2. Change all gaskets and seals. 

3. Change oil after first 500 miles 

4.Transmissions are shipped without filter or fluid follow mft instructions for replacement of these items.

5. Overheat unit or use of unit not as intended  will void warranty.

6. Failure to install proper filter and/or fluid resulting in failure of transmission is an instant void of warranty. 




All monetary claims must be made in writing, stating the reason for requested refund. Good items returned are subject to a 25% restocking charge, and all freight charges incurred for shipping, No refunds after 30 days store credit only, unless no replacement parts are available, Freight charges will be covered only when unit passes inspection outlined in the above warranty and only for 30 days after initial delivery.    All parts must be returned for refund, NO Refund will be given without return of merchandise.  Refunds are made within 30 business days of the returned item. No refunds on installed parts unless we do not have a replacement unit in stock.  Title goods does not pass to buyer until funds are collected and cashed by Y.E.S. Returned checks will be charged $25 each. All cost of collection will be charged to the buyer.  There are no oral agreements or representations that accompany this transaction. This limited warranty contains the entire agreement of both parties. The front nor back can be modified.